Pro Courier is Minnesota's only Full-Service Sameday Courier that exclusively hires drivers as hourly paid employees to drive our company vehicles. Consequently, we are much more successful at hiring and maintaining a stable and productive work force with little turnover. Ultimately, this translates into the excellent service that we are able to provide to our customers.

Pro Courier uses convenient and easy to understand zip code pricing. It is easy for our customers to quickly determine pricing based on the origin and destination zip codes. We are also able to give you immediate pricing when you place an order. For some, this allows immediate invoicing of freight charges.

Pro Courier has an in-house research and development department. We are continuously developing new ways to enhance the already excellent service that we provide. In addition to our already computer-aided dispatching, we have defined and fine-tuned the ultimate in dispatching techniques that are only available to us, as we exclusively hire drivers as hourly paid employees. These techniques enable us to provide unsurpassed levels of service.

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